pyaerocom tutorials and examples. All content displayed here is based on the official pyaerocom tutorials which are not part of the pyaerocom GitHub repository but are available through the pyaerocom-tutorials repo.

All tutorials are jupyter notebooks.


The tutorials are currently undergoing revision, as the initial set of tutorial notebooks cannot be interactively executed from the outside world, since they relied on access to internal data servers of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

These old tutorials can be found below in Section “Outdated tutorials”. They are still mostly valid and provide a comprehensive introduction into pyaerocom and its main features.

All other tutorials, that are shown in the following rely on publicly available example data, and can thus, be run interactively.

Getting started

This section contains tutorials that are meant to help you getting started quickly with pyaerocom.

Outdated tutorials


These are old tutorials that are not tested against the latest pyaerocom version. Thus, some of the notebooks may not work properly anymore with the most recent pyaerocom version.

Also, most of these tutorials rely on access to internal servers of the Norwegian Meteorological institute and can, thus, not be executed interactively from the outside world.

However, the tutorials provide a comprehensive introduction into pyaerocom and most of the introduced features will work with the current pyaerocom version. Thus they are a useful addition to the updated notebooks above, which rely on publicly accessible data and can thus be run interactively.